How much does it cost?

Well obviously, if you've made it all the way to this page, you're entertaining the idea of becoming a member. So, "how much?" you say? Well, not to be evasive but, the price varies depending upon what program and benefits you choose. Some programs are for camping in your RV only, while some allow use of our rental units. Some provide free vacation weeks in our top of the line "Plus Units". We even have programs that allow you to obtain a camping site for a year and not have to move your unit on and off when you are not here. We have programs that essentially allow you to camp for as little as $15 per night. So why would you camp in a public campground that charges you $40-$125 per night, and then adds on extra costs for things like full hookups, pets and late checkouts for campsites? Our members don't pay for such things, why should you?

We want you to know all of your options, so we only allow certified sales representatives the opportunity to discuss our programs and costs with you. You would never buy a car without seeing it, so why would someone make a decision on a camping program if they didn't see what kind of place it was and what benefits it included? We guarantee financing on some of our programs, but there are so many variables that determine the specifics of a loan that we must talk about your personal situation in order to provide you the best options.

So, if you're intersted in our fantastic resort, come and talk to us. We can show you all the different options in about 30 minutes, and we promise you it will be an enjoyable experience. No high pressure sales, just easy options to get you started camping at THE CLUB/Lake Gaston Resort.

Oh, by the way, our Sales Manager grew up on Lake Gaston, so he knows how great it is to spend time on the lake fishing, swimming, boating, wakeboarding and jet skiing! Just tell the operator that you want to meet with Sean!