Welcome to the World of Membership Camping!


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our resort and camping/vacation programs.

Q: How often may I use my membership?
A: We offer many different programs ranging from occasional use to unlimited use, depending on what you feel best suits your needs and budget.

Q: What if I don't want a lifetime program, I just want to camp without a long-term commitment?
A: We offer several options for the casual camper looking for just a short-term, occasional, local get-a-way or for those that want to hit the road and travel the country while enjoying their retirement years. By using the Resorts of Distinction affiliate program that offers FREE camping throughout the entire network, they are able to stay at private, secure, top-notch resorts along the way.

Q: Can I stay permanently on a campsite at Lake Gaston Resort?
A: We offer an option to secure a site on an annual basis, so that a select number of members have the ability to obtain a site that they don't have to move their camper from each time they go home.

Q: Can I live in my camper at Lake Gaston Resort?
A: Our resort is a recreational property and therefore doesn't allow someone to live here permanently like a residential community.

Q: How much do I have to pay for each night that I camp at Lake Gaston Resort?
A: Regardless of the membership level you select, whether it is a short-term program or lifetime, we do not charge overnight or hook-up fees to any member. Further, the true benefit of becoming a member is that your cost per night is actually less the more you use your membership, rather than paying each time like when you go to a public facility. The average cost per night for our members is in the $25 per night or lower range.